Professional Experience

Working for Others

Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill worked as a clinician in the United States of America, where she gained invaluable clinical experience in several areas that include issues of homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, grief, family issues, and school guidance and counseling. Dr. St. Hill also worked for several ministries in the government of Trinidad and Tobago. The ministries include: Sports and Youth Affairs, Community and Gender, Education, and Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education. In addition, she made media-based presentations via radio and television as well as conducted seminar-workshops in Tobago, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, and Guyana.

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Reaching Youth

To Make a Difference

As a Psychologist-Consultant in private practice, Dr. St. Hill sees clients and conducts workshops on the following:

  • Stress Management, Depression-Anxiety Recovery, Family Life, Parenting Skills Training, Social Skills, Career Planning, Brain-Enhancement, and Brain-Based Learning Strategies, or Learning and Memory Enhancement, through Hope Counseling Services.
  • To fulfill the needs of youth, Dr. St. Hill designed and implemented training programs to help them develop coping skills, social skills, determine purpose and passion, and to deal with the challenges of life through career planning.
  • Dr. St. Hill utilizes the material she put together in the form of the books: I Can Make It! and Empowered to Make Your Marriage Work.

Published Material

Education for Life

Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill wrote several books and self-published seven of them through her publishing business, Hope Publishers.

  • The themes are on Career Planning, Life Skills, and Principles of Accounts.  She created the first AccountsApp for CSEC Principles of Accounts that provides an e-textbook, video tutorials, flash cards-game, pocket notes, and printable ledger pages.
  • Dr. St. Hill produced her most life-changing work, the Brain Performance Booster, a set of neuro-psycho-educational video and audio presentations designed to inform people concerning brain function in relation to emotional states, environmental impact, mind-body-spirit connections, learning and memory abilities, mental and physical health, motivation, behavior, career and academic performance, and relational issues. The goal is brain rewiring towards positive thinking, feeling, and behavior for success at any age.

Female head showing Brain with text, brain performance booster

Health Equipment and food

Health & Wellness

From the Brain Down to Major Organs

Having adopted a functional approach to psychology and total wellness, Dr. St. Hill seeks to educate persons about the practical application of the BPB and how to provide care for others. There are three major areas:

  • The Brain Health and Total Wellness App, the highlight of which is the Home Wellness Spa. The main goal is to help persons turn their homes into a wellness spa as they learn how to adopt health practices. Receive guidelines on establishing your home spa, planning activities, meal planning, self-care, and hour-to-hour activities to implement health requirements.
  • Incorporate home wellness with work, whether working at home or in the workplace.
  • Train leaders to be IDL Responders who will be able to provide mental health assistance to persons who are so challenged.