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I seek to use my talents and education to bless humanity in each of the businesses, ministry of service, and products. In keeping with my passion to serve God, I use everything He has given me for His glory.

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Hope Publishers

The mission is to write and publish life-enhancing books, presentations, and web applications.

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Hope Counseling services

Psychological counseling is provided to help individuals, families, and groups with issues of self-discovery and understanding, self-esteem, values formulation, personality development, stress-anger-time management, budgeting, and career testing and selection, trauma recovery, and mental health disorders.

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i-dare to live

A program established to help people understand the functioning of the brain in terms of rewiring; to make informed decisions regarding their attitudes; improve cognitive abilities, health, motivation, relationships, and academic and job performance.

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my future is secure

A study of Bible prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation. This is a FREE web app with three reading options that make study exciting. Features: read in 72 languages, scripture text hover, word and phrase search, and 700 quiz questions with answers.

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Accounts app

O’Level Accounts for CSEC and GCE level students. The App includes an easy-to-read textbook, 27 video tutorials, 384 flash cards-game questions, 4-volume pocket notes, and printable journals for answering the question given. Other features include group forum and virtual classes.

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optimal intelligence theory

Research work is in progress. Only a general overview is currently available.

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